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Fasttypers Captcha Worker Need

 Fasttypers Worker Needed

Now A days Fasttypers server running good.For this reason we need huge worker for Fasttypers Server.If anyone can work regular and can do hard work then contact with us soon.We provide this work and tell you all details.

Imagekillers captcha Work News

Good News....
Imagekillers captcha server will be run after Eid.Everyone ready to join with us with imagkillers server.

Thanks Everyone

Imagekillers Captcha Work

Good News...New Captcha Server imagekillers will running very soon.This server will pays also good rate...

Site Url :

Our Qualification

  • We Provide All Captcha Server Admin Panel & All Captcha Server Admin Panel Creation Contact.
  • We Have Passed 6 Year In Online Captcha Work Field.
  • We Are Selling All Server Admin Panel & Admin Panel Creation Very Honestly.
  • We Help Our Member & Customer Very Carefully.
  • We Buy Perfect Money, WMZ, Neteller Regular & Honestly.
  • We Pay Our Team Member Weekly.
  • Payment Methods Perfect Money Or Bkash.
  • 100% Payment.
  • Our Payment Day Saturday To Monday.

How Much I Can Earn ?

Generally All Captcha Sever Will Fast From Evening Time To Next Day Till Morning.After 12am all server rate will Increase.If you work daily 5 Hours Then You Can Earn Minimum 5$-6$.That Means Daily 400tk To 500Tk.Monthly 12,000Tk To 15,000Tk.

How Can I Earn ?

It Is Very Simple.Everyone Can work with Online Captcha Work Server.Need Only Good Typing Speed.We Provide You Worker Id.You Need To Login Your Id & Need To Start Work.You Will Get Many Image.Just You Need Type.

Who Can Work ?

  • Students.
  • Famale That Stay At Home.
  • Parents That Need A Second Job.
  • People In Between Jobs.

Experience & Eligibility

Experience & Eligibility
  • Need Basic English Knowledge.
  • Need Basic Computer Knowledge.
  • Need Minimum Keyboard Typing Speed 20 WPM. (Able To Without Looking At Keyboard )
  • Need Minimum 6 Month Typing Experience.
  • Need Minimum Internet Connection 256kbps Or Above.
  • Payment Methods Bkash Or Perfect Money.
  • No Need Any Registration Fee.

How To Type ?

Typing System : You Need To Type All Letter (A - Z ) Small and All Digits (0 - 9 ) .No Need To Typing Comma, Full Stop, Or Other Symbol.

Sell Your Perfect Money,WMZ,Neteller Dollar

Dollar For : Buy / Buy / Buy
Dollar Type : Perfect Money / Neteller / WMZ
Dollar Amount : Any Amount.
Dollar Rate : NG
Payment Methods : Face To Face Or Bkash. ( Charge Yours )
Mobile No : +8801722844566
Gtalk Id :
Skype : captchaemperor

Fasttypers Captcha Work

Fasttypers : Now A Days Number One Server Fasttypers Server.They pay high rate and send payment regular.This server will be fast from Monday To Friday from 7pm to next day till morning.Somedays day time this also will fast.They pay Perfect Money Or Bkash.Weekly payment.Minimum Payout 5$.Payment Day Friday to Monday.

Vina Software Best To Do Fasttypers Work.
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Site Url :

Test Id : Contact With Us

Rate : Contact With Us.

Damagoogle Captcha Work

Damagoogle : Now A days Damagoogle also running good.This server have 2 shift work.One day Shift and second Night Shift.Day shift work rate low and Night shift work rate good.They pay weekly.Payment Methods Perfect Money Or Bkash.Payment Day Monday.Minimum Payout 2$.

Official Software Best To Do Damagoogle Work.
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Site Url :

Test Id : Contact With Us.

Rate : Contact With Us.

Ocr Captcha Work

Captcha Ocr : Now  a days ocr captcha pays high rate.This server running from 8pm to 12am.This server pay Perfect Money Or Bkash.Weekly Payment.Every Monday.Minimum Payout 2$.

Official Software Best To Do Ocr Captcha Work.
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Site Url :

Test Id : Contact With Us.

Rate : Contact With Us.

Captchatypers Captcha Work

Captchatypers : Now A days captchatypers running good.This server will be fast Monday To Friday from 8pm.Saturday and Sunday server will be Medium Or Slow.They pay daily.Payment methods Perfect Money,Neteller,Payza,Indian Bank,Veatnam Bank Etc.Minimum Pay Out 2$.

Vina Software Or Weiwei Software Best For Captchatypers Work.
Download Vina Software
Download Weiwei Software

Site Url :

Test Id : Contact With Us.

Rate : Contact With Us.

Qlinkgroup Captcha Work

Qlink Group : Now A Days Qlinkgroup Server Running 24 Hours Super Fast & Server Fast Every Day.But This Server Rate Not So Good.They Pay Weekly.Payment Methods Perfect Money Or Paypal.Saturday Or Sunday They Send Payment.Need To Do Minimum 800 Entry Per Ids To Get Payment.

Weiwei Software Best To Do Qlinkgroup Server Work.
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Site Url :

Test Id : Contact With Us.

Rate : Contact With Us.