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Fasttypers admin panel 


Note : We are providing All Captcha entry work Admin Panels & Softwares at WHOLE SALE RATES ( Low Cost ) and at Best Quality than Others 

Server time : 24 Hours, Night time fast
Rate : 1$/- 1.20$/1000 words.
Payment method : Perfect Money,Bkash,Brack Bank Etc...
Payment time : Weekly
Admin Rate : Contuct with us.  

Dama Captcha

Web site :

Server Time : 24 hours

Rate : 1.20$ (12am to 6am),0.50$ ( 6AM to 12AM )
Payment Methods : Perfect Money/Bkash/WMZ
Payment Time : Weekly
Admin Rate : Contact With us.

TypeThat Admin Panel 


Server time : 24 hours , Night Time Super Fast.
Rate : $0.70 per 1000 entry
Payment Method :  Webmoney
Payment Time : Weekly
Admin Rate : Contact with us...
Qlinkgroup Admin panel and software 

Site -   

Server time : 24hours captcha flow. Night time Super Fast.
Rate : 0.45$ - 0.85$/1000 words
Payment method : Paypal, Perfect Money,GAF
Payment time : Weekly
Admin Rate : Contuct with us. 

OCR Admin Panel    

Site - 

Server time : Night time Super fast.
Rate : 1.10$/1000 words.
Payment method : Paypal,Bank transfer.
Payment time : Weekly
Admin Rate : Contuct with us. 

Upload Captcha Admin Panel(Fake,Cheat with worker)

Site Url : 

Server Time : 24 Hours Super Fast
Rate : $0.90-$1.20 Per 1000 entry
Payment Method : Paypal, Liberty Reserve.
Payment Time : Minimum 1$ Daily Payment 
Admin Rate : Contuct with us. 
Captchatypers Admin Panel 

Website :   

Server time : 24hours captcha flow. 
Rate : 0.70$ - 1.20$/1000 words (Hourly Rate).
Payment method : Perfect Money,WMZ,PAYZA Etc....
Payment time : Weekly 
Admin Rate : Contuct with us. 

LookAndEarn Admin Panel( Take time for payment)

Site :  

Server Time : 24 Super Fast
Rate : $0.60/1000 Words
Payment Method : Webmoney
Payment Method : Weekly
Admin Rate : Contuct with us. 

Megatypers , Protyers Registration 

Free Protypers And Megatypers Registration

Site : 
Site : 

Work rate : $0.55-$1.40
Minimum Payout : $3
Payment : Every monday
Payment Method : Libertyreserve , paypal,western union, webmoney.
Work Time : 24 Hours
Invitation code :  5KJS,5KN1,5KN2,5KN3,5KNN.


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